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Swedish free schools creator rejects 'flawed' Tory version

Publié par Clifford Armion le 10/02/2009

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Polly Curtis

"The Conservative party's plan to overhaul children's education by introducing Swedish-style "free schools" is flawed and "risks failure", according to the man who designed the original model.

"Anders Hultin, the architect of the Swedish system, said the party's refusal to allow operators to make a profit would prevent the scheme from flourishing. To work, the Conservatives must allow a voucher system under which these schools could profit from their public funding, he said.

"The Tories have said they would allow parents, charities or businesses to set up state-funded, independently run schools, but have ruled out adopting the most controversial element of the Swedish model under which schools are allowed to profit. Under the system popular schools could expand to meet parental demand while struggling schools will wither and close."

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