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Surging Newt Gingrich draws fire from rivals in GOP debate

Publié par Clifford Armion le 24/01/2012

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Paul West and Seema Mehta

Reporting from Tampa, Fla. In a potentially pivotal GOP presidential debate, Newt Gingrich repeatedly found himself on the defensive Monday night, as Mitt Romney sharply assailed his record as House speaker and his work as a highly paid consultant to Freddie Mac, the federally backed mortgage giant. The gloves came off at the start, with Romney, reeling from a double-digit loss to Gingrich two days earlier in South Carolina, saying he had learned from that defeat not "to sit back and get attacked, day-in and day-out, without returning fire." Romney repeatedly asserted that Gingrich had to "resign in disgrace" when he stepped down from the speakership after the 1998 election and labeled him an "influence peddler" for his activities in Washington since then. Gingrich's firm's $1.6 million contract with Freddie Mac, which the former speaker once described as payment for his work as an historian, Romney said, had been signed with a lobbyist for the mortgage company. Read on...
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