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Surgeons separate twins joined at head

Publié par Clifford Armion le 19/09/2011

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Damien Pearse

"Conjoined twin girls born with the tops of their heads fused together have been separated in a rare and risky series of operations at London's Great Ormond Street hospital.

"Eleven-month-old Rital and Ritag Gaboura who are from Sudan were flown to Britain for the surgery which took place in four stages, with two operations in May, one in July and the final one on 15 August.

"Tissue expanders which are essentially balloons intended to help stretch the babies' skin over their newly exposed heads were inserted in July."

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Twins born joined at the head are known as craniopagus twins and they occur in about one in 2.5 million births. Separating them can be dangerous, especially if as in this case, there is significant blood flow between their brains.

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