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Secondary school where every teacher will be a soldier

Publié par Clifford Armion le 09/02/2011

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Jeevan Vasagar

"It conjures an image of a red-faced sergeant major hollering at the quivering boy in 3B who has forgotten his maths homework. But backers of a proposed free school that will be staffed entirely by former soldiers say parade ground humiliations are the last thing on their minds.

"Instead, the Phoenix free school in Manchester would offer students ambitious academic goals, outdoor activities and a demonstration of "martial values".

"In the modern army, it says, these values are "self-discipline, respect and an ability to listen". There will be high standards of behaviour - but no demands to "get down and give me 50". The new 11-18 secondary school, which has yet to find a location, is being proposed by the Centre for Policy Studies, a thinktank, and is backed by Lord Guthrie, a former chief of the defence staff."

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