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School again tests its gender theory

Publié par Clifford Armion le 12/08/2009

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Tara Malone

"A pack of teenagers jostled into the Niles West High School conference room that, for 10 minutes a day, doubles as a homeroom to more than two dozen boys. Freshmen and sophomores at the Skokie school are divided into single-sex rooms for homeroom, an experiment now in its second year. "Toting backpacks and bundles of adolescent vigor, the freshmen settled down for announcements about the holiday canned food drive and spirit week. They applauded a classmate who, it was announced, would swim with the varsity squad at the next meet. "Competition, the currency of choice among 14-year-old boys, quickly crept into the conversation." Read on...
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"School again tests its gender theory", La Clé des Langues [en ligne], Lyon, ENS de LYON/DGESCO (ISSN 2107-7029), août 2009. Consulté le 25/07/2024. URL: https://cle.ens-lyon.fr/anglais/archives/archives-revue-de-presse/school-again-tests-its-gender-theory