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Sandy Banks: A retired L.A. teacher ponders her rating

Publié par Clifford Armion le 14/09/2010

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Sandy Banks

"Faye Ireland knows that she was a good teacher. She doesn't depend on test scores to tell her that. She has stacks of letters from former students, enduring relationships with their parents and a reputation for managing the most challenging kids on campus. "It didn't bother her that Los Angeles school officials misspelled her name on her commendation when she retired three years ago. It went up on a living room wall plastered with awards, photos and framed letters from now-grown pupils. "But it bothered Ireland plenty when she was publicly branded "least effective" last month in The Times' ratings of elementary school teachers. The ranking, in an online database with the "Grading the Teachers" project relies on students' progress on standardized exams to measure teacher effectiveness." Read on...
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