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Run the NHS better or scrap it – but give up reforming it

Publié par Clifford Armion le 02/09/2012

Steve Richards

The Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley, is far too easy a scapegoat for the costly chaos of the NHS reforms. "Bloody Lansley... He's got the politics of the NHS reforms wrong... He's a useless communicator." These are among the more polite comments within government. Now one insider is reported as expressing a desire to have the Health Secretary shot and replaced with Alan Milburn, a fantasy sequence that makes Lansley seem rooted in reality.

The problem for those in government agonising over the wreckage is that Lansley's proposals chime with the instinctive views of key figures,from David Cameron downwards. The original NHS White Paper epitomised the ideas I heard the Tory Shadow Cabinet discuss in opposition at countless seminars.They insisted that, in their new world, they would turn down interviews on the Today programme on the grounds that they were no longer directly responsible for the delivery of services. The White Paper also included proposals for markets and choice that are well within Cameron's ideological repertoire.

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