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Ruling against health insurance mandate is a 'tea party' milestone

Publié par Clifford Armion le 02/11/2011

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David G. Savage and Kathleen Hennessey

"Reporting from Washington For nearly two years, the "tea party" movement with its call for limited government has made inroads in the political arena, but a Florida judge's ruling last week declaring the health insurance mandate unconstitutional may be remembered as its moment of arrival in the courts. "Another judge in Virginia had made a similar ruling, but U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson's decision gave voice to the tea party's rallying cry that the Constitution put strict limits on the national government. Harkening back to the time of the American Revolution and the Boston Tea Party, he observed that even the hated British did not go so far as to "force people to buy tea." ""Surely this is not what the Founding Fathers could have intended," Vinson said. "We would have a Constitution in name only" if Congress can force an unwilling person to buy health insurance, he wrote." Read on...
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