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Romney can't escape the economic divide

Publié par Clifford Armion le 15/10/2012

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Alana Semuels

The sleepy Boston suburb that Mitt Romney has called home for much of his adult life has much to offer a family. It features excellent schools, big homes, and so little excitement that a local newspaper once called it the most boring town in the region.
But there's a division in Belmont too, that may, or may not, have been present as far back as when the painter Winslow Homer built a summer home here in the 1850s. It's a divide between the rich and everyone else.
Before he sold his house and moved into a condo, Romney and his family lived on Belmont Hill, where the residences are large and the yards spacious. The private Belmont Hill School, which Romney's five sons attended, is here, along with a Mormon temple that draws visitors from around New England.
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