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Romney, an active man of faith

Publié par Clifford Armion le 12/08/2011

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Alana Semuels

Reporting from Belmont, Mass. In a closely-knit Mormon congregation, Ronnie Catalano was a problem Mitt Romney wanted to solve. As bishop a position akin to priest or pastor Romney presided over a fast-growing flock that included Catalano's wife, Sandy, a new convert. Ronnie, a cigarette smoking, wine-drinking Catholic, had accused Sandy of ruining their family by becoming Mormon. He tried to prevent her from attending church and from donating their money in the Mormon tradition of tithing. Sandy was thinking of leaving her husband and moving to Utah with their two children, an anathema in a faith in which families come first and church leaders are encouraged to bring non-Mormon spouses of church members into the fold. Read on...
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