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Rogue London trader, 31, loses Swiss bank £1.3bn

Publié par Clifford Armion le 16/09/2011

Nick Clark and Cahal Milmo

"A city trader was being questioned last night on suspicion of committing the largest fraud in the history of the Square Mile after the Swiss investment banking giant UBS announced that unauthorised transactions have left it nursing a loss of £1.3bn. Kweku Adoboli, 31, was arrested by City of London Police at 3.30am yesterday at an unnamed office building thought to be UBS's City headquarters.

"Ten days ago, the specialist equities trader had delivered a potential hint at rapidly-growing losses when he wrote on his Facebook page: "Need a miracle." The detention of Mr Adoboli on suspicion of acting as a "rogue trader" came on a day of further turmoil about the exposure of the world's banks to eurozone debts and coincided with the third anniversary of the collapse of Lehman Brothers."

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