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Revealed: the £130bn cost of Trident replacement

Publié par Clifford Armion le 18/09/2009

Richard Norton-Taylor

"The combined cost of replacing the Trident nuclear missile system and building, equipping and running two large aircraft carriers will be as much as £130bn, far more than the government has admitted, an in-depth study of the huge defence projects reveals today.

"Ministers have said replacing Trident would cost up to £20bn, but key factors the government has left out of the calculation will push the final cost up to £97bn over the system's 30-year life, according to Greenpeace, the environment group.

"Estimates of the cost of the proposed two carriers have already increased from £2bn to £5bn over the past 10 years. However, today's the report, In The Firing Line, says these ignore running costs of an estimated £10bn and do not include spending on the US-made F35 aircraft designed to fly from the ships."

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