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Republicans object to Obama's plan to pay for jobs package

Publié par Clifford Armion le 13/09/2011

Peter Nicholas and Lisa Mascaro

"Reporting from Washington President Obama would pay for his $447-billion jobs package by closing tax loopholes and wiping out deductions for wealthier families and specific industries, White House officials said, drawing immediate blowback from Republican leaders. "The exchange Monday echoed the bitter debt ceiling debate that brought the country to the brink of default. Obama largely resurrected ideas that he failed to achieve over the summer when he sought to cut the nation's deficit through a "grand bargain.'' Republicans insisted they would not support what they characterized as tax increases. "Because little has happened to alter the political dynamics in Washington since those negotiations, Obama appears to be following a political strategy that does not rely on Republicans having a change of heart. Rather, the idea is to portray GOP leaders as facing a choice in an election season: Pass a plan that boosts the economy and promotes job growth, or protect oil companies, hedge fund managers and the most well-off households." Read on...
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