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Queen's speech: A liberal but fragile legislative agenda

Publié par Clifford Armion le 26/05/2010

"Yesterday was the official inauguration of a new political era, but the Queen's Speech itself was as familiar as an old friend. There were no surprises among the 22 bills announced. Its contents had been foreshadowed in last week's coalition programme. A leak of the contents to a Sunday newspaper had further drained the occasion of drama.

"But did the speech make up in substance what it lacked in novelty? The legislative programme is a mixture of the good, bad and the potentially revolutionary. Among the good were the bills to scrap ID cards, channel more funding to schools that take in disadvantaged students, end the imprisonment of child asylum seekers, and to improve mental health services for armed forces veterans. A bill to introduce smart electricity meters to encourage household energy conservation is also welcome, as is the Government's plans to continue the search for a private-sector partner for the Royal Mail."

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