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Plans to put details of violent men on register

Publié par Clifford Armion le 17/11/2009

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Jonathan Brown

"Women should be given the right to know whether their partner has a history of committing domestic abuse, and violent men who drive their wives and girlfriends to suicide could be charged with killing them, police said yesterday.

"Recommendations made yesterday by senior officers will target Britain's estimated 25,000 serial domestic abusers who could be required to register on a police database similar to that being piloted under anti-paedophile schemes. It would give women the "right to know" whether they and their children were safe from aggressive men.

"Alongside the proposals, which would need to be approved by Parliament, there would be a new offence of "liability for suicide" which could make it easier for prosecutors to secure successful convictions. It is hoped this would reduce the suicide rate - one in three women who kill themselves have been abused by their partner."

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