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Phys Ed: Can You Be Overweight and Still Be Healthy?

Publié par Clifford Armion le 01/06/2010

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Gretchen Reynolds

"The idea that people can be overweight and yet still quite healthy began gaining scientific and popular credence some years ago, fueled by the publication of a number of studies showing that men and women who were a few pounds overweight but physically active had less risk of developing cardiac disease than people who were of normal weight but sedentary.

"Some scientists and doctors began speculating that healthy people who were sporting extra pounds didn't necessarily need to worry about losing weight. As one researcher told a reporter in 2004, If a fat person or obese person has normal blood pressure, if their total cholesterol and glucose levels are normal and they are healthy, there is no reason they should necessarily have to lose weight.

"But several new studies are raising questions about that comforting notion at a very inopportune moment, with the holiday overindulgence season barely behind us." Read on...
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