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Oxford University admissions favour men, study finds

Publié par Clifford Armion le 19/08/2009

Jessica Shepherd

"Women are less likely than men to be offered a place at Oxford University even when they have better grades and are from similar backgrounds, a study has found.

"Academics at Oxford, Manchester and London University's Institute of Education analysed details of 1,700 UK students who had applied to 11 Oxford colleges in 2002.

"They asked students what kind of school they attended, their GCSE and predicted A-level results, the number of books they read in a year, and the jobs and qualifications of their parents.

"The students were asked how often, in the past year, they had visited a museum, art gallery, classical music concert, theatre, opera or ballet, and whether they played a musical instrument. They were then asked to tick in which field figures such as Mahatma Gandhi, Lloyd George and Graham Greene were best known.

"The academics found men were twice as likely as women to be offered a place in a science subject, and 1.4 times more likely than women to gain a place in an arts subject. This was despite the fact that the women had the same or better grades, had similar scores on the historical figures test, came from similar backgrounds to the men and claimed to have read more books."

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