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Oregon mall shooting suspect showed no known sign of trouble

Publié par Clifford Armion le 13/12/2012

Kim Murphy, Andrew Khouri and Matt Pearce

Jacob Roberts planned big life changes before this week's shooting at a suburban mall in Oregon that left two people dead and another seriously injured: He quit his job, got rid of many belongings, and aimed to move to Hawaii.
"He was kind of leaving suddenly. I've seen that happen before, where stuff comes up in someone's life, where they kind of need a fresh, clean break. So we thought nothing of it. It was, 'Good luck on your new life. Enjoy Hawaii,'" said Holli Winchell, who socialized frequently with Roberts in the bars and restaurants of southeast Portland.
Something went wrong, though, and Roberts didn't make it onto the plane for Hawaii. The next thing his friends heard, he was dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound Tuesday after shouting, "I am the shooter!" and opening fire, authorities say, with a semiautomatic assault rifle at the Clackamas Town Center mall, which was packed with Christmas shoppers.
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