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On the road, Obama flashes a little frustration

Publié par Clifford Armion le 22/04/2011

Peter Nicholas

"Reporting from Reno and Los Angeles The Secret Service won't let him pump his own gas. The armchair political consultants think he botched the healthcare overhaul. By his own reckoning, he is older, grayer, but no less impatient with Washington's sclerotic political system than the typical 2008 Obama volunteer with that peeling "hope" poster tacked to the wall. "President Obama landed in Los Angeles on Thursday at the end of a two-day Western swing that served to promote his deficit-reduction plan and raise campaign funds, but also offered a few glimpses into the president's psyche at the midway point of what he hopes will be his first of two terms. "Ping-ponging between raucous fundraising events and scripted town hall meetings in California and Nevada, Obama flashed an introspective side that he normally conceals behind disciplined talking points and an unflappable persona." Read on...
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