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Obama's healthcare trade-off

Publié par Clifford Armion le 18/08/2009

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Peter Nicholas and Janet Hook

"Reporting from Washington - By dropping his insistence on a public insurance option, President Obama angered some of his most loyal supporters but sharply improved the odds of passing a far-reaching healthcare overhaul. "Moderate Democratic lawmakers are now more likely to back other parts of the evolving legislation, such as prohibiting insurers from denying coverage because of preexisting conditions or cutting off benefits to ill policy-holders, as well as making it easier for small businesses to cover workers." Read on...
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"Obama's healthcare trade-off", La Clé des Langues [en ligne], Lyon, ENS de LYON/DGESCO (ISSN 2107-7029), août 2009. Consulté le 21/06/2024. URL: https://cle.ens-lyon.fr/anglais/archives/archives-revue-de-presse/obama-s-healthcare-trade-off