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NHS productivity 'has fallen every year since 2000'

Publié par Clifford Armion le 17/12/2010

Polly Curtis and Randeep Ramesh

"Waste in the NHS soared in the last decade as spending grew by two thirds but productivity fell each year, according to a report by the government's spending watchdog that critics say raises fresh concerns about the coalition's plans to shake up the health service.

"The report by the National Audit Office, released today, says the government's plan to make £20bn in efficiency gains is now at risk because radical plans to scrap health trusts will mean managers are too "distracted" to deliver the savings.

"From the year 2000, pay for consultants, GPs and nurses increased by up to 60% - consultants now get an average salary of £120,000 a year -and the rising number of NHS staff outstripped the increase in the number of appointments and operations over the 10 years, the NAO found."

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