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New Tactic in California for Paying Pollution Bill

Publié par Clifford Armion le 18/10/2010

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Felicity Barringer

"STOCKTON, Calif. Officials who have tried and failed to clean the air in California's smog-filled San Joaquin Valley have seized on a new strategy: getting millions of drivers to shoulder more of the cost.

"Faced with a fine of at least $29 million for exceeding federal ozone limits, the San Joaquin Valley's air quality regulators are proposing an annual surcharge of $10 to $24 on registration fees for the region's 2.7 million cars and trucks beginning next year. A decision is expected when the governing board meets on Thursday.

"Although the surcharge is not expected to change how much people drive or what cars or trucks they buy, air pollution experts say it is a harbinger of the future. After decades of forcing industry to clean its smokestacks, retool car and truck engines and fine-tune gasoline, regulators are exploring what they can do to force consumers to face up to the pollution they cause."

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