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New Kindle to Download Books Beyond U.S.

Publié par Clifford Armion le 10/07/2009

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Brad Stone

"The company announced on Tuesday evening that it would soon begin selling a new version of the Kindle that can wirelessly download books both in the United States as well as in more than 100 other countries.

"The move pits Amazon.com, based in Seattle, against a range of other players in the growing global market for digital reading. The rivals include iRex, a division of Royal Philips Electronics, the Dutch consumer electronics company; Sony; and China Mobile, the world's largest mobile carrier, which said last month it would soon begin selling several kinds of electronic reading devices.

"The new Kindle is physically identical to Amazon's current Kindle, with its slender profile, six-inch black-and-gray screen and angular keyboard. The main difference: it will use the wireless networks of AT&T and its international roaming partners, instead of Amazon's existing wireless partner for the Kindle, Sprint. Sprint's network is incompatible with most mobile networks outside of North America." Read on...
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