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Navajo Nation confronts HIV and AIDS

Publié par Clifford Armion le 01/05/2012

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Stephen Ceasar

Reporting from Gallup, N.M. Five years ago, the man Elsie Smith loved told her calmly from his hospital bed that it was time for him to go. He died with a hushed goodbye and a squeeze of her hand. Smith herself had been feeling ill for a while. Her bones ached and she vomited often. She soon mourned him from her own hospital bed. A doctor explained to the Navajo woman that her lover had died of AIDS. It was important that they check her blood, he said. She agreed. Two days later, the doctor told her that she had HIV. Her tired mind became flustered with questions, but she asked only one. "What is HIV?" Read on...
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"Navajo Nation confronts HIV and AIDS", La Clé des Langues [en ligne], Lyon, ENS de LYON/DGESCO (ISSN 2107-7029), mai 2012. Consulté le 16/06/2024. URL: https://cle.ens-lyon.fr/anglais/archives/archives-revue-de-presse/navajo-nation-confronts-hiv-and-aids