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Native-born Californians regain majority status

Publié par Clifford Armion le 04/01/2010

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Teresa Watanabe and Hector Becerra

"California has long been the ultimate melting pot, with the majority of its population coming from outside the state. "Dust Bowl emigres, Asian railroad workers, high-tech entrepreneurs, Mexican laborers and war refugees from around the globe flocked to California. The majority migrant population filled the state's myriad labor needs, challenged the schools with a cacophony of new languages and roiled its politics with immigration debates. "But, in a dramatic demographic shift, California's narrative as the nation's quintessential immigrant state is giving way to a new reality." Read on...
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"Native-born Californians regain majority status", La Clé des Langues [en ligne], Lyon, ENS de LYON/DGESCO (ISSN 2107-7029), janvier 2010. Consulté le 14/07/2024. URL: https://cle.ens-lyon.fr/anglais/archives/archives-revue-de-presse/native-born-californians-regain-majority-status