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Mrs Thatcher would have marginalised Ukip

Publié par Clifford Armion le 05/06/2013

Robin Renwick

The rise of the UK Independence Party, confirmed again in the local elections, cannot simply be wished away. The Government has sought to counter it by promising a referendum on Europe in the next parliament, with possibly a vote before the next election. So, what more can be done to counter the traction Ukip has been getting for the proposition that we would be “Better Off Out”?
Amid the tributes to Margaret Thatcher at the time of her funeral, there were mutterings from the usual suspects that she had been “wrong” about Europe. It is true that she had a sometimes fractious relationship with her European colleagues. In an argument with Helmut Schmidt about North Sea fisheries (“our fish”), she told him that he did not know anything about fish. Schmidt, on returning to his office, responded by kicking the furniture. But just how “wrong” was she on the substance?
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