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Ministry of Defence's 'disastrous' decision over Chinooks

Publié par Clifford Armion le 25/08/2009

Michael Evans

"The shortage of helicopters in Afghanistan can be traced to a disastrous Ministry of Defence decision to try to economise by designing its own software, The Times has been told.

"The MoD agreed in 1995 to buy eight Chinook Mk3s from Boeing for £259 million. The avionics software would have cost a further £40 million, but defence insiders say that the ministry wanted to fit its own software in spite of a warning from Boeing that it might not work.

"When the aircraft were delivered six years later, the ministry found that it could not design the software which meant that the helicopters could not fly in difficult decisions. They have been stored in climate-controlled hangars ever since, in spite of two military conflicts, and when they finally come into service the total bill will be at least £500 million."

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