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Louisiana's love-hate relationship with the oil industry

Publié par Clifford Armion le 16/09/2010

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Julie Cart

"Reporting from Grand Bois, La. The trucks came at night, ferrying load after load of oil-field waste from Alabama to the US Liquids disposal facility in this tiny south Louisiana settlement. "For the oil company, it was an easy decision: Exxon's drilling and production waste was classified as hazardous under Alabama law. Its disposal there would cost about $100 a barrel. In Louisiana, however, the chemical waste could be dumped into open pits at a cost of $8 a barrel. "The US Liquids plant is across a two-lane highway from Clarice Friloux's property, which backs up to an alligator-filled bayou. Now, 16 years after her struggling community took oil giant Exxon to court to stop the toxic discharge, little has changed. Even though the citizens of Grand Bois won the court case and helped change state laws, their battle against big oil continues." Read on...
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