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'Life-threatening' cold settles over Midwest

Publié par Clifford Armion le 01/06/2014

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Matt Pearce

The coldest weather in two decades began to settle over the Midwest on Sunday, prompting officials to warn of "life-threatening" temperatures that sent thermometers plunging and Americans scurrying indoors.
Schools canceled Monday classes because of the subzero cold, with parts of Minnesota expecting overnight lows of 30 below zero. That didn't count the wind chill, which makes the cold even more dangerous. The National Weather Service said in a statement that wind chills in some places could reach minus 65 — temperatures at which exposed skin will get frostbitten within 10 minutes.
"Right now, in the Twin Cities, in Minneapolis, it's 11 below zero, and it's pretty windy out there — the wind chill is 31 below zero," National Weather Service meteorologist Shawn DeVinny said Sunday night. He added, "And we're pretty much the warmest spot around" in Minnesota.
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