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Lib Dems would keep more seats under Cable

Publié par Clifford Armion le 09/04/2012

Andrew Grice

The Liberal Democrats would win almost twice as many seats at the next election under Vince Cable as they would under Nick Clegg, according to a ComRes survey for The Independent.
According to ComRes, the Liberal Democrats would win 18 per cent of the vote with Mr Cable as leader, compared to 14 per cent under Mr Clegg. Under the Business Secretary, they would hold 39 of their 57 seats on a uniform swing, while under the Deputy Prime Minister they would be left with only 23 MPs.
The dramatic findings will fuel the debate inside the Liberal Democrats over whether Mr Clegg is the right man to lead them into the 2015 election. The first poll to test that supports claims by Mr Cable's allies that installing him would boost the party's appeal. ComRes found that the Liberal Democrats would do much better among men with the Business Secretary as its leader. Their 12 per cent rating under the Deputy Prime Minister would rise to 18 per cent under Mr Cable, who would also boost their support among women from 15 to 18 per cent.
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