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Leading doctors call for ban on smoking in cars

Publié par Clifford Armion le 24/03/2010

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Sam Lister

"Twenty of Britain's most senior doctors call today for a ban on smoking in cars as part of a sweeping expansion of laws to protect children against the effects of inhaling smoke.

"Writing in a letter to The Times, the doctors argue for more anti-smoking legislation to address the serious health problems caused by passive smoking.

"The signatories, including 13 presidents of medical royal colleges, urge the Government to bring in laws prohibiting all smoking in vehicles and in public places visited by young people such as parks and playgrounds.

"The letter recommends a comprehensive strategy to cut adult smoking and children's smoke exposure outside and inside the home. About two million children are exposed to cigarette smoke at home, with a child twice as likely to take up the habit if a close family member smokes."

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