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Key Senate panel votes down 'public option' for healthcare

Publié par Clifford Armion le 30/09/2009

Janet Hook

"Reporting from Washington - Underscoring the divisions within their party, Democrats on the Senate Finance Committee on Tuesday split over a key issue in the healthcare debate as centrists teamed with Republicans to reject creation of a "public option" for medical insurance. "The committee voted 15 to 8 against establishing a public program, after a sometimes emotional debate that stretched over half a day, revealed tensions between liberal and conservative Democrats and laid bare the chasm between the political parties over how to repair the nation's troubled healthcare system. "It was the biggest setback to date for liberal Democrats, but did not kill the possibility of a public option being included in final legislation. Liberals argue that such a plan is needed to increase competition among insurance companies, rein in costs and guarantee affordable coverage for all Americans." Read on...

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