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Investors can soon make bets on movie box office

Publié par Clifford Armion le 03/11/2010

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Nathaniel Popper and Ben Fritz

"Reporting from New York and Los Angeles -- Welcome to Hollywood's newest version of risky business: movie derivatives. "Two trading firms, one of them an established Wall Street player and the other a Midwest upstart, are each about to premiere a sophisticated new financial tool: a box-office futures exchange that would allow Hollywood studios and others to hedge against the box-office performance of movies, similar to the way farmers swap corn or wheat futures to protect themselves from crop failures. "The Cantor Exchange, formed by New York firm Cantor Fitzgerald and set to launch in April, last week demonstrated its system to 90 Hollywood executives in a packed Century City hotel conference room. Amid a spirited trading-floor atmosphere, the participants shouted out guesses and made bets on how much "Alice in Wonderland" might rake in at the box office" Read on...
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