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Insults and spin: the election battle starts

Publié par Clifford Armion le 01/05/2010

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Andrew Grice

"The Conservatives accused Labour of telling "lies" about David Cameron's policies yesterday during bitter skirmishes at the start of a marathon four-month general election campaign.

"On a long day of claim and counter-claim, pre-buttals and rebuttals, spin and counter-spin, the two main parties traded insults amid a feverish atmosphere at Westminster. With Britain's public finances in a mess, it was clear that tax and spending would dominate the campaign and clear differences opened up between the parties.

"Mr Cameron allowed Labour to emerge with a draw following yesterday's salvos when, in a BBC interview, he sowed confusion over whether his plans to reward marriage in the tax system were a solid promise or merely an aspiration. After downgrading it, he later upgraded it to a firm commitment."

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