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Hell's bells! The joy of Morris Dancing

Publié par Clifford Armion le 21/09/2009

Jonathan Brown

"I am standing in a Scout hut on a rainy Wednesday night in a leafy suburb of York, preparing to be initiated in to the ways of morris. Few would imagine that danger is at hand. Morris dancing - with its tinkling bells, clink of pewter tankards and brightly-clad participants - evokes the timeless, gentle charm of an English village. It may be atavistic and some may even find it a little unsettling. But ultimately it is plainly harmless and above all, safe.

"Yet I am now learning that what I believed to be a risk-free if rather unfashionable activity is in fact fraught with peril - a contact sport in the finest traditions of bone-crunching Sumo and tooth-spitting Aussie Rules. I had assumed that the greatest menace - apart from the occasional derisory comment - might be a nasty case of hanky burn brought on by a too-vigorously brandished snot rag; or perhaps a poke in the eye with a flailing pig's bladder - even a mild bout of tinnitus courtesy of those chimes. But that was before I witnessed the spectacle of the Skirmish."

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