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Government spending: defence and health workers

Publié par Clifford Armion le 19/11/2010

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Richard Norton-Taylor and Sarah Boseley

"Large amounts of money to pay for fees for schools abroad and legal advice feature among the £1.6bn spent by the Ministry of Defence in less than five months.

"The biggest recipients, unsurprisingly perhaps, were companies behind large weapons, engineering, and construction, including BAE, Babcock, and Balfour Beatty. But firms building and managing accommodation for the armed forces, including Aspire Defence Limited and Annington Property Ltd, were also recipients, with the two companies paid more than £170m over the period.

"But there were red faces in the MoD when it withdrew details of more than £14m in expenditure following questions from the Guardian. Some details are being withheld for operational security reasons and some because of confidential legal settlements, officials said."

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