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Gordon Brown to TUC: spending cuts are inevitable

Publié par Clifford Armion le 15/09/2009

Patrick Wintour

"Gordon Brown will today risk the wrath of the unions in a major speech to the TUC by insisting he will have to reduce spending in some areas to protect front-line staff. In doing so, he will make his first reference to the need for cuts, a word that was hitherto apparently taboo.

"Brown will, for the first time, admit that the need to halve the deficit within four years cannot simply be achieved by higher growth, efficiencies and asset sales. He will say his aim in restraining spending is to protect the vulnerable, and seek to draw a distinction between Labour and the Conservatives over the timing and scale of the necessary spending constraints.

"The speech's precise wording in referring to cuts was still being worked on last night."

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