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Gordon Brown's fire sale of public assets to raise £16bn

Publié par Clifford Armion le 10/12/2009

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Allegra Stratton

"The prime minister is to mark the first day of the new political term by detailing an asset sale worth £16bn, in what the Liberal Democrats have called the "largest sell-off since the 1980s privatisations".

"Gordon Brown will attempt to leap ahead of the Tories in the numbers game and prove the credentials of his government's plan to get the public debt and deficit down - with public borrowing a record £175bn next year - by putting flesh on the bones of an already stated aim to raise money through sales.

"Though a headline figure of £16bn from asset sales had been included in this year's budget book, Brown will use a meeting with business leaders today to fully itemise the assets, earmarking infrastructure for sale that has so far proved tricky for the government to sell off, such as the student loan book and the betting company Tote."

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