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GOP resolve dominates the agenda in Congress

Publié par Clifford Armion le 12/03/2010

Kathleen Hennessey

"Reporting from Washington Republicans rolled out a confrontational, no-compromise strategy this week that may carry long-term risks, but has put them in position to dominate the lame-duck session of Congress and marginalize President Obama's agenda. "Among congressional Republicans, confidence levels are so high that they are barreling over what might be considered standard political traps. As they fight to preserve tax cuts for the wealthiest taxpayers, for instance, they are prepared to let unemployment insurance benefits run out for 2 million jobless Americans unless offsetting spending cuts can be found. "Republican Senate leaders on Wednesday threatened to derail a bill that had previously received bipartisan backing a food-safety measure on the grounds that nothing should move until a deal on tax cuts is reached." Read on...
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