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Francis quickly emerged as perfect conclave candidate

Publié par Clifford Armion le 15/03/2013

Tribune wire report

VATICAN CITY -- The cardinals who elect the pope are sworn to secrecy about their deliberations, but details began to filter out on Thursday about how rank outsider Jorge Bergoglio quickly emerged as a frontrunner to replace Pope Benedict.
Bergoglio was a runner-up to the then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger at the 2005 conclave that made Ratzinger pope. But he was not even mentioned in many media long lists of the likely papal candidates or "papabili" this time around.
In the arcane world of papal conclaves, keeping below the parapet until the last minute is, however, considered an advantage. "Enter as a pope and come out as a cardinal" is the saying in Rome, describing how frontrunners leave disappointed.
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