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First grit, then gas – now it's vegetables in short supply

Publié par Clifford Armion le 01/11/2010

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Nicky Trup

Eight more consecutive nights of below-freezing temperatures are expected to exhaust council grit supplies and leave roads icy for days. The Met Office has downgraded predictions of a fresh heavy snowfall - there will be up to 15cm (6in) of snow, mostly on the highest ground - but many roads will remain treacherous for those trying to return to work today.

The UK's biggest salt mine expects its reserves to be used up by today and on Tuesday ministers will ask councils to reduce gritting further to preserve stocks. Local authorities had already agreed to reduce their use of grit by a quarter. The Highways Agency has stopped treating motorway hard shoulders and the emergency salt supplies it ordered from abroad will not arrive before the end of the month. Several councils claimed that members of the public in vans and estate cars have been emptying grit bins for personal use within minutes of them being filled.

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