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Exclusive: Britain: A 'safe haven' for war criminals

Publié par Clifford Armion le 04/06/2010

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Robert Verkaik

"Record numbers of alleged mass murderers and torturers have found safe haven in the UK, making this country one of the war criminal capitals of the world, it is claimed today.

"Among the war crimes suspects living in Britain are senior officials from the regime of Saddam Hussein, a member of the Criminal Investigations Department in Zimbabwe under Robert Mugabe, and a Congolese police chief who confessed to a crime during a media interview.

"But although the Home Office has handed the names of 51 suspects to the Metropolitan Police, not a single case has been prosecuted in the UK courts. A further 500 suspects uncovered in the past five years have been refused residency or immigration and refugee status because of government concerns over their involvement in war crimes."

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