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Exam boards should not set their own syllabuses, say MPs

Publié par Clifford Armion le 07/03/2012

Jeevan Vasagar

MPs have acknowledged the problem of "grade inflation" and recommended stripping exam boards of the right to set their own syllabuses.
In a report on the future of exams published on Tuesday, the education select committee proposes a single syllabus for each subject with the aim of restoring confidence in the system by removing the "significant pressures" to drive standards down.
But the report comes out against moving to a single national exam board, which the MPs say would be a disruptive change that would hamper innovation and make it harder to control costs. "There could be a competition to decide which exam board would design the syllabus for a particular subject which would then be accredited by the regulator, Ofqual. After that any board could set an exam for that syllabus and compete on innovation, efficiency, service and support," the report suggests.
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