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Eastwood's 'Invisible Obama' skit amuses some, confuses others

Publié par Clifford Armion le 31/08/2012

James Rainey

TAMPA, Fla. — The Republicans launched their prime-time introduction to their presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, with a surprise guest. But actor and director Clint Eastwood's more than 10 minutes on the national stage turned into an odd set-piece that featured the 82-year-old talking to an empty chair on the stage, meant to represent President Obama.
It was unclear whether the unusual gambit delivered the Republican nominee what his handlers must have intended — a dose of Eastwood's credibility — as it proved a diversion from the pinnacle moment that the former Massachusetts governor had worked more than six years to achieve.
The craggy performer took some hard shots at Obama (for permitting the "national disgrace" of 23 million unemployed) and Vice President Joe Biden ("a grin with a body behind it") that stirred up Republicans inside the Tampa Bay Times Forum.
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