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Do violence-prevention programs work?

Publié par Clifford Armion le 18/11/2009

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Stephanie Banchero

"The University of Chicago has partnered with two community groups to launch a $1 million youth anti-violence program that will include a rare component: a rigorous, scientific evaluation to determine whether it's cost-effective. "The program, called Becoming a Man-Sports Edition, aims to help adolescent boys in Chicago public schools curb their impulse to use fists and guns to settle disagreements. It addresses the problem on two fronts, by using character education and counseling as well as training in Olympic sports, such as archery and fencing. "During the 27-week initiative, which begins Wednesday, university evaluators will use a research model akin to clinical trials in medicine to determine whether the program is reducing violent behavior and helping boys stay in school." Read on...
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