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David Cameron: even my family is worried by NHS reforms

Publié par Clifford Armion le 02/01/2011

Allegra Stratton and Randeep Ramesh

"David Cameron spoke yesterday of concern within his own family over the government's planned reforms of the health service, admitting publicly that even his brother-in-law was not convinced by the changes.

"Dr Carl Brookes is married to the prime minister's sister Tania and works as a cardiologist in Basingstoke for the North Hampshire NHS trust.

"Speaking during a visit to a London hospital, Cameron raised the topic himself, telling assembled doctors and nurses: "My brother-in-law is a hospital doctor and he says 'you're giving too much power to the GPs, and hospitals will be disadvantaged.'"

"Meanwhile, more than half of GPs responding to a survey by the Royal College of General Practitioners said they were concerned that the proposed health reforms would not lead to improvements in care for patients. The findings, from an online poll of 1,800 medics, are a blow to the government as family doctors are central to its plans - with £80bn of NHS spending handed over to GPs to purchase care for patients."

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