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Comment is free Who will fight for electoral reform?

Publié par Clifford Armion le 02/03/2010

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James Graham

"The alternative vote is a small but significant step forward in the ongoing campaign for a fair electoral system fit for the 21st century. On a good day. Maybe.

"In many ways, AV is the perfect electoral system for Gordon Brown. It enables him to look in two directions at once: supporting a system which ensures that fewer votes are wasted whilst being resolutely non-proportional. Superficially it sounds like a big deal, but in most elections it will probably only change the result in a handful of seats. And, like all Gordon Brown policies, it has a fair chance of blowing up in his face; because of AV's habit of exaggerating swings, the system is as liable to decimate the Labour party as much as the Conservatives.

"There appears to be an expectation that the Liberal Democrats would welcome this move. The reality is rather more complex. As well as AV not being proportional, it also falls far short even of the system Labour dangled briefly in front of Paddy Ashdown in the late-90s, AV+ (which combines AV with a slightly proportional element). Over the last ten years of Labour's repeated botched and abandoned attempts to reform the political system, it is hard to get excited by this sudden reformist zeal for a system which isn't that earth-shattering itself."

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