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Col Gaddafi killed: no mercy for a merciless tyrant

Publié par Clifford Armion le 21/10/2011

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Ben Farmer

Col Muammar Gaddafi had often referred to his enemies as vermin as he vowed to hunt them down alley by alley or die trying.

But in the end it was he who was hiding like a rat when he was finally cornered in a drain, a gold-plated pistol to hand and pleading in vain for his life. "Don't shoot, don't shoot", he said.

After 42 years as Libya's despotic leader, Gaddafi was killed in a field two miles west of his birthplace, having taken shelter in a culvert from rebel fighters and Nato bombs.

His final refuge could not have been more different from the palaces and villas where he had squandered his nation's oil wealth. The concrete drain pipe was 70ft long and no more than 3ft across, running under a dual carriageway on the outskirts of Sirte.

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