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Coalition creates 100 peers with Lords deal

Publié par Clifford Armion le 17/05/2010

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Sam Coates

"David Cameron and Nick Clegg will create more than 100 peers to ensure that controversial legislation gets through Parliament.

"The coalition government has agreed to reshape the House of Lords, which is currently dominated by Labour, to be reflective of the vote at the general election. That saw the Tories and the Liberal Democrats together get 59 per cent.

"None of Labour's 211 existing peers can be removed, so the coalition must appoint dozens of its own to rebalance the upper chamber. Lib Dem estimates suggest that the number of Tory peers would need to rise from 186 to 263 and Lib Dem peers from 72 to 167.

"The first wave is expected soon, to enable additional ministerial appointments to take place, with further announcements within the parliament."

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