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Can Sweden teach our schools a lesson?

Publié par Clifford Armion le 29/01/2010

Activer le mode zen

Richard Garner

"By September the pupils will have designed their new uniform. There is also a good chance that teachers will be the ones moving through the school at the end of each lesson, not the children - who will be staying put to reduce disruption. As Courtney Haynes, 12, puts it: "When we move out into the corridors, we're all crammed up together."

"She has a point. When entire classes have to move, the potential for lost time and misbehaviour is greater. The biggest change these pupils will see, though, is in the form of the individual tutorials they will have to attend every week to discuss their progress in each subject.

"Courtney and her fellow pupils will shortly become the first in the country to attend a Swedish-style Kunskapskolan school - a new style of school highly favoured by Michael Gove, the shadow Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families. At present, they are pupils of Hampton Community College in Richmond-upon-Thames, Surrey, which from September will become one of the first academies to be sponsored by the Swedish group."

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